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Pierre Gimbergues’ Exquisite ONYX Sofa

The remarkable piece of furniture you see in the pictures is called the ONYX sofa, and it was sketched out by a very talented designer named Pierre Gimbergues for Peugeot Design Lab. The sofa is 9.8 feet long and was manufactured using carbon fiber and Volvic lava. The very old Volvic lava piece was cut straight and blended with the lightweight and sturdy carbon fiber. As such, this high-end furniture piece …

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18 Revolutionary Gadgets for Your Smart Home

The dreams about the house of the future, fully automated, are almost becoming true and more gadgets offer complete functions that can contribute to the intelligent home of the future. Here are 18 gadgets that utilize the latest technology and benefit from a futuristic design. 1. Smart Shower Created by Oras Eterna, the smart shower has a touch interface and can monitor water for an environmentally and socially responsible consumption, with …

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Basic Private College by OVAL-Avelino Oliveira

This project is a Private College in Oporto, Portugal, designed by OVAL-Avelino Oliveira.  It’s a special building that the architects wanted to integrate it into the landscape in order to make a contrast between the sober atmosphere inside and the relaxed environment from outdoors. The white color used on the walls and the furniture mixed with wood accents create the necessary argument for the educational activities to take place. All the …

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Particular Adriana Varejão Galley by Tacoa Arquitectos

Tacoa Arquitectos constructed the Adriana Varejão Gallery in Brumadinho, Minas Gerais, Brazil. It was adjoined to the Inhotim Centro de Arte Contemporânea in 2004-2008 in order to host works of Rio de Janeiro native. This museum consists of many pavilions located in a park of approximately 86 acres. The concept of the building consists is a spiral path that links two different levels of the park, passing from moments of contraction/passage …

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