Spectacular Duplex Penthouse in Shenzhen, China

House of the Tree is a stunning penthouse apartment in Shenzhen, China. Its luxurious interiors were completed by Kokaistudios, a Shanghai-based architecture practice. The purpose of this project was to provide an outstanding experience of “living between the city and the nature”, in a modern, lavish environment. Located on the 48th and 49thfloor of a residential building, the apartment offers stunning views of the city, just like the ones you can see in the photo gallery below.

The name of the project comes from the real tree that has been carefully planted on the 48th floor of the building, and incorporated into the lavish home. The penthouse is actually the result of an extensive alteration program that included the joining of two separate apartments into one spectacular dwelling. One of the best features of this penthouse is the large swimming pool on the tastefully appointed terrace.

Spectacular Duplex Penthouse in Shenzhen, China

Photos by: Charlie Xia
Source: Arthitectural

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