Hotel L’AND Vineyards: A Paradise for Wine Enthusiasts

A dreamland for wine connoisseurs, Montemor-o-Novo in Portugal is a place where L’AND Resorts SA opened a stunning contemporary hotel with luxury amenities and wine tasting/blending opportunities. The exclusive retreat is called Hotel L’AND Vineyards and it is set in a stunning setting, where vineyards dictate the entire landscape and architecture of the resort.

The hotel offers a little more than its sky suites: there are also fully serviced residential units to enjoy here, plus a wine club, wine cellar, luxe wellness center, and sports/leisure facility. Guests here have the opportunity to expand their knowledge in wines and the art of wine making, while the Wine Club ensures owners help in producing their own blends, with professional assistance from an expert wine maker.

Care for the environment is another key feature in this contemporary idyllic place. This is apparent in the energy-efficient design, low-impact building techniques, and even a sustainable business management policy. You just have to love the entire project with everything it has to offer.

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