The Extravagant Palazzo di Mare in Florida, United States

The Palazzo di Mare is a 23,315 square feet piling-reinforced construction in Florida, United States, built in 2001 to satisfy an extravagant, grandiose pleasure. This enchanting design features a slate roof and impact-glass windows, also 6 bedrooms, 8 full and 2 half baths. As you will see, even if its style is a classic one enriched with a lot of good taste, technology has not been forgotten, including a 13-zone HVAC system, 2 elevators, Crestron electronics, Lutron lighting, and a back-up generator;  an air-conditioned 14-bay garage and 2,900 bottle wine cellar are placed on the lower level. At a first impression you can definitely be intimidated by all the fine and luxurious details that stand out in a pleasing way. The Palazzo di Mare is definitely a place where refinement meets art, and like any valuable piece of art, it costs about $22,500,000, but pales in front of its grandeur.

Source [Rare Delights Magazine]

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