Cambrian Hotel in the Swiss Alps

In Adelboden, Switzerland is located one of the most luxurious and at the same time rustic hotel. Designed by Peter Silling & Associates, this piece of art in the Swiss Alps is sure to give its guests the much needed relaxation. Being surrounded by a pristine landscape and with spectacular mountain scenery as far as the eye can see, the Cambrian Hotel offers: clear air, skiing slopes, and an award winning spa. It is the perfect dose of calmness during wintertime when snow covers everything!

With massive wood as a central element, but any other kind of wood used all around the hotel (wood for the fireplaces, white painted wood for the roof, wood furniture, and even wood as a decorating element) this place makes rustic quite elegant. This is clearly because of the simple interior design, with shades like grey, white and black, lacking those powerful colors that might tire the guest.

The social areas seem comfortable, all having a fireplace around, couches and a view to the white exterior. Whether one chooses the inside pool with large glass walls or the outside hot pool, it is sure to have a great view since it is perfectly placed facing the mountain tops.

Photos by Design Hotels

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