Celestial Oceania at Mauna Kea Resort – $10,000/Night

Have you been planning the perfect vacation lately? Leave your plans and be spontaneous. Gather all your friends and take the next flight to Hawaii. It’s not just the location that is gorgeous, is the exquisite Oceania Estate at Mauna Kea Resort where you’re going to stay.

Just to give you some hints, we will tell you that you will find here an exotic paradise which offers 10 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms for 32 guests that will get to sleep in 4 king beds and 12 queen beds at $10,000 per night plus taxes.

All the décor elements are in accordance with the Hawaiian style, not to mention the incredible views, the comfort, the luxury, the privacy, the entertainment and the quality of the place and people.

Did you know by now how perfection looks like? No!? Now you do!

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