Rugged Fidar Beach House by Raëd Abillama Architects

The Fidar Beach House is a home for a family of five and three guests that is located in Jbeil, Lebanon. It was designed by RaëdAbillama Architects who took advantage of the natural qualities of the site by integrating the project into the existing landscape.

While the public spaces are located at the entry level, the private spaces are placed at the lower level. The top level built as a platform, provides beautiful views that capture the shoreline. The levels of public spaces are separated by a threshold created by grouping the stairwell and the entrance hall with lighting and ventilation shafts. The outdoor pergola and the shower cabin come as an extension for this demarcation line. This platform leans on the bedrooms which are located near the shore.

The guest quarters own the independence of a guest house but still remains connected to the main house.

Photos by Géraldine Bruneel

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