Lavish Triplex Penthouse in Johannesburg, South Africa

This luxurious triple penthouse can be found in the Sandhurst Towers of Johannesburg, South Africa, and it was sketched out by a Cape Town-based architecture studio named SAOTA. In order to ensure that this outstanding project would become something truly majestic on the outside as well as on the inside, the aforementioned company worked closely with experts from an interior design studio called OKHA Interiors.

Together, these two firms managed to give shape to a lavish 9,700 square foot triplex penthouse that features its own roof garden and swimming pool, while its interior comes packed with an endless array of technological goodies and state-of-the-art facilities. In terms of design, the entire apartment was built to ensure a smooth transaction between all living areas without compromizing the individuality and character of each room. This was achieved by using different furniture and décor pieces in each living area as well as different color patterns and textures for a plus of originality. As far as accommodations are concerned, all rooms feature high-end amenities and high quality finishes throughout, while large windows offer fantastic views of the surrounding environment.

Have a look at the following image gallery and see this outstanding triples penthouse for yourself!

Source: Contemporist

Photos by Dook Photography

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