Artful Lake Washington Shores Residence in Washington, USA

Boasting breathtaking views of Lake Washington and flaunting incredible living arrangements, the Lake Washington Residence was sketched out by Garret Cord Werner. The house was built to serve as a gallery that would highlight the client’s vast art collection, and since it features no less than 6,800 square feet of living space, there is definitely enough room to accommodate even the largest pieces.

This exquisite home is a perfect place to call home, since it can easily accommodate a large family in perfect conditions. The great choice of materials and extensive glass elements help blur the boundaries between the indoors and the outdoors, while the generous amount of high-end amenities ensure a lavish, comfortable and carefree lifestyle. These conveniences include a spectacular dining table that was made using nickel plated steel and mahogany wood, but the floor-to-ceiling windows and cozy fireplaces are also quite spectacular in their own way.

Have a look at the following images and admire this fantastic home as well as the wonders that can be found within!

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