Pierre Gimbergues’ Exquisite ONYX Sofa

The remarkable piece of furniture you see in the pictures is called the ONYX sofa, and it was sketched out by a very talented designer named Pierre Gimbergues for Peugeot Design Lab. The sofa is 9.8 feet long and was manufactured using carbon fiber and Volvic lava.

The very old Volvic lava piece was cut straight and blended with the lightweight and sturdy carbon fiber. As such, this high-end furniture piece embodies a perfect blend between old and new, between the natural toughness of volcanic rock and the man-made sturdiness of the carbon fiber. ONYX is just the first furniture piece in a series of equally impressive examples that will be built on the same principle.

The mix of materials that might be used in future pieces could involve crystal stones, wood and rocks on the natural side, while the artificial side would be created using aluminum, fiberglass or carbon fiber.

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