Impressive Ridgewood Apartment In Mumbai, India

Ridgewood is a synonym for sophistication and fine taste. It is a modern and luxurious apartment that was designed by GA Design, and it can be found in India, within a suburb of Mumbai called Jogeshwari. The abode impresses with a light, airy and sophisticated look that was achieved with the help of numerous glass features complemented by white walls and sheer curtains.

The primary color palette is based on shades of gray, orange and white. The light fixtures are black for a touch of contrast while the furnishings such as the dining table chairs or kitchen cabinetry flaunt orange shades that immediately catch the eye. Highlights include a master bedroom with a glass wardrobe, a study with a glass wall, Satuario floor tiles, elegant accessories and exclusive wallpaper.

The living room is the main social area within the apartment and impresses with a white L-shaped sofa, a fluffy white carpet and a large flat-screen TV.

From the GA Design:

This residential apartment has been designed by GA design in Mumbai.

It is located close to the main arterial highway in Mumbai city, India.

This stylish 1200 sq.ft. apartment maintains a modern minimalist design. A light, cool and breezy look has been achieved by using a lot of glass. White walls, rich sheer curtains, glass and huge mirrors are the vital design elements used to create the sophisticated interiors.

The colour palette of grey, white and orange continues throughout the apartment in various forms, making it a visually appealing space. Black light fixtures add an interesting accent to the smartly customized furniture pieces, while orange as a colour pop instantly livens up every room.

Satuario floor tiles, satin furnishings, a glass wardrobe for the master bedroom and a glass wall for the study lend elegance & openness to this apartment. When combined with other elements like customized soft furnishings, exclusive wallpaper and stylish accessories, the space created is elegant and irresistible.

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