Villalagos Chakra 11 In Uruguay

Completed on a remote and scenic location in Uruguay, Villalagos Chakra 11 is a contemporary residential project sketched out by an English company named Kallos Turin. Even though its multiple living volumes are unmistakably modern, the project manages to blend in nicely with its natural surroundings thanks to its unique design based on natural materials and finishes.

The project emphasizes the relationship between the interior and exterior, as it features multiple windows and sliding doors, many of which extend from the floors to the ceilings. One of the volumes was built directly on the banks of a beautiful lake, and it extends into the water. It includes a bedroom, a small lounging space and a bathroom.  Another body includes a large living room and a dining table with enough seating for 12 people. It boasts floor-to-ceiling glass panels that overlook the lake and the forest beyond. Should the owners wish to relax or socialize indoors, they can always spend some time at the sauna. Otherwise, they can gather around a fire after dusk and feast their eyes on the exquisite surroundings.

Photos by Juan Hitters

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