Dreamy Oceanfront Chateau In West Vancouver, Canada

Built in 2000 by one of the most popular home building companies in Canada, Kindred Construction, this French-inspired estate is located just across the water from the high-class Point Grey neighborhood in Vancouver. The house is available for purchase for $14.6 million, and it was sketched out by a team of skilled architects from Grant & Sinclair.

It required about four years in order to be complete, and it is definitely one of the most remarkable homes in West Vancouver. Some of its main highlights comprise a roof made out of zinc and copper, carefully trimmed gardens, a gorgeous limestone facade, a hot tub, a waterfall and direct access to a nearby beach. Inside, a warm and welcoming atmosphere encourages relaxation and socialization. Modern furnishings such as leather chairs and high quality wooden desks complement elegant chandeliers and fireplaces for a sophisticated, unique look. The home also comprises a sizeable wine cellar as well as a home theater that offers plenty of entertainment opportunities.

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