5 Lighting Tricks for a Brighter Interior

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A beautifully decorated space with unique accents and artwork is great. However, if there’s a lack of light balance or the area isn’t well lit, you may find the room dull and uninviting. 

Another mistake many homeowners make is to assume that interior lighting is simply about fitting in an overhead fixture like a ba15 s or placing a lamp in one corner of a room. In reality, good lighting involves getting the right balance that makes each space functional and elegant.

Read on to learn more about lighting tricks and tips that will help you create a brighter and more functional interior.

1. Combine Different Lighting Fixtures

Layering your lighting adds dimension and makes any space appear brighter and more inviting, particularly for large spaces. Using accent, ambient, and task lighting eliminates shadows and illuminates a room. 

Accent lighting serves as a decoration and complements the overall theme of a room, while ambient lighting is the main source of light in any room. Task lighting is a lighting for a specific purpose, such as a reading lamp. Combining these lighting styles creates a harmonious balance and translates to a well-lit room that’s also functional. 

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Experiment with different locations and heights to determine what best works for your home. Remember that less is often more when it comes to lighting. Don’t go overboard by combining many styles as it can be confusing. Keep your layering consistent and simple. 

2. Place Your Lights in a Strategic Way

Determining your focal points and function of the room will allow you to know where to place your lighting for maximum effect. For example, if you have a big open space and high ceilings, you can have lights on the wall and on the ceiling to create a relaxing ambiance. 

In your entryway, you can combine architectural lighting, recessed lighting, or a ceiling light depending on its design and size. You can also make your dining table the focal point by using bright lights. The lights will grab people’s attention, while still illuminating the space. 

3. Be Flexible With Your Lighting 

You need to be flexible with your lighting, as you may use one room for different purposes. Having lights on a dimmer can enhance a room’s mood and function. For multi-purpose spaces, you will have to get the right lighting for different situations. 

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Installing dimmer switches allows you to change the ambiance of a room without having to change the light fixtures. Dimmer switches can also be energy-saving and ensure your light bulbs last longer. 

4. Use Light as an Accent

Did you collect a rare piece of art, or would you love to highlight a vintage couch? You can use light to bring attention to your favorite pieces. Using light as an accent adds a unique touch to your theme and also brightens the room. 

5. Maximize Natural Light

Take advantage of natural light if you have large windows. Opt for transparent sheers to allow more light in. Hanging a mirror opposite a window doubles the sunlight that gets into a room as the light bounces off the reflective mirror. Using pendants or chandeliers with a dimming function in well-lit rooms gives the space a pop of color during the day and complements the room when it gets dark. 

If you have a room facing the interior courtyard and don’t get enough natural light, you can use sconces to add light and create visual interest.

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Final Thoughts

While it’s easy to get caught up with furniture and decor choices when thinking of sprucing your space, lighting is an aspect that should never be overlooked.  Proper lighting not only enhances a room’s ambiance and feel, but also highlights some unique aspects of your home.

These tips will help you create a brighter space that’s also functional and elegant.

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