How to Clean Gold Faucets: Maintaining Gold Plated Bathroom Fixtures

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Quite a few people wish to have gold and fancy faucets to remain clean and shiny, even years after their installation. But only with its proper maintenance and upkeep, getting such results is possible.

With that being said, let us look at a few ways one can clean and maintain their gold-plated bathroom fixture.

1: Weekly cleanse

Consistency in cleaning is one of the main factors to adhere to in order to let your gold fixtures last longer. Wash or rinse the fixtures with water and a mild cleansing agent so that the scum and hard water that it has interacted with all week, does not cause build-up. The build-up is quite hard to get rid of and requires stronger cleaning agents to get rid of it. 

While washing or rinsing, ensure that it is not being done roughly nor are harsh products being used. This will leave the gold fixtures damage-free and clean after the wash. Cleaning weekly also reduces the time one would have to spend to clean the fixtures if done inconsistently. 

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In addition to this, ensure you wipe over the fixtures after every use. This must be done so that no additional moisture remains behind as that automatically makes the fixture a potential breeding ground for harmful microbes

2: Use mild cleansing agents

Regular cleaning of gold taps or fixtures should be done with great care. This means that the products that are used to clean the surface must not contain harsh chemicals unless in case of emergencies. 

These agents are easily available in supermarkets. Always check the concentration of chemicals before using them on the fixtures. After all, gold-plated fixtures are quite expensive. 

Also ensure that the manufacturer’s instructions, which are usually found on the package, are adhered to. If there is no mention of it being safe on gold fixtures, do not use it. 

How to Clean Gold Faucets

3: Clean with dish soap

In case one wishes to skip out on using a mild cleaning agent or does not find one available in the market, the dish soap is a holy grail product that does not damage gold-plated fixtures. It is mild and effective when used as a cleaning agent. 

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Do not directly use the dish soap on the fixtures. Lather it using a few drops of water before applying it slowly on the regions to be cleaned. Following this, you can use a small amount of water to rinse the taps. An alternative to this would include a cloth dipped in dish soap solution wiped over the lathered surface.

Ensure that no excess pressure or scrubbing is done during the cleaning process. This could result in small dents or scratches to form on the fixtures. 

4: Wipe and buff with a soft cloth

One aspect of the gold-plated fixtures that attract people to buy them is its elite glistening shine. With regular use of the fixtures, the color tends to dim away if not taken care of properly. If you are looking to purchase a faucet for your bathroom, OLTSW faucets are known for their quality in the industry.

There are quite a few products that paint over the fixtures to get back their shine but it is quite risky and does not always work. One method that is known to work instantaneously is wiping the fixtures with a soft clean cloth or a microfiber cloth. 

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Using this regularly to wipe the surface ensures that the shine and glamour of the fixtures are retained. Ending your cleaning process with a quick buff with a cloth also ensures the gold plated fixture to be left with a beautiful gleam.

5: Clean with white vinegar

When the fixtures are not cleaned regularly, certain concerns arise. These concerns include the development of limescale, grime and gunk collected all around these parts of the bathroom. 

This is not only ghastly to look at but if not dealt with could cause a bad odor to arise. It is at this point something stronger than a mild cleaning agent can be used. The strong cleaning agents available in the market can be used only if diluted well. If not, it could cause corrosion on the fixtures and even damage the texture of the finishing. 

One product that can be found easily at home and can be used as a suitable cleansing agent is white vinegar. The process of using this cleaning ingredient includes diluting it. The recommended ratio of vinegar to water is 1 to 3. Anything other than this can cause damage to the fixture. 

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Using this solution along with a soft toothbrush around the limescale and grime can help get rid of it. Ensure that the scrubbing is not done too harshly. Rinse with clean water and wipe following this process.

How to Clean Gold Faucets


Installing gold plated fixtures is quite a luxury which also comes with the responsibility to maintain and take care of. Gently wiping, using mild products to cleanse, and using dilute vinegar are some widely suggested methods to take care of such fittings.

We hope the above-mentioned tips shall help you out the next time you wish to clean your gold-plated fixtures.

How to Clean Gold Faucets


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