Chevron versus Herringbone Flooring: The Good And The Bad

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The kitchen and the bathroom, whether you’re building a new home or you’re remodeling your home; these two places are the most vital wings in the home. A clean and beautiful kitchen seals that “really cool” spot for you among your friends. A great bathroom can switch you from a bad day to a great night.

A huge part of the design of the bath and the kitchen rest in the kitchen rests in the tile. Have you wondered why gleaming floors of ballrooms remain so captivating and different? It’s the floor- always the floor. You can also invoke that feeling on the whole appearance of your home with the right tiles and tile pattern.

 Among all tile patterns for all kitchen and bath, the two designs that still stand out are the chevron and herringbone floor patterns. Your first glance at these designs will make you feel that they are the same thing. But as similar as they look, the herringbone and the chevron flooring pattern are still different in their designs.

What is a Herringbone Pattern?

Herringbone is a tile pattern that has been used over time to make standard wood floors look greater. A herringbone pattern consists of rectangular tiles that are set at perfect straight edges to make zigzag patterns. Because of the rectangular tiles, this pattern uses rather than angled ones, the pattern can look more uneven and broken. This creates an eye-catching asymmetrical touch.

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Usually, the herringbone is set at a 45˚ degree angle to the adjoining wall and the floor. The color of the tiles and their grout can affect the statement it makes on the floor- whether it should be showy or cool.

Advantages of Herringbone Tile Pattern

Here are some advantages that have kept the pattern as one of the top choices in kitchen and bathroom design:

Simple To Lay

A herringbone tile flooring design doesn’t need additional cutting and special tiles to be laid. Unlike other patterns that require that tiles be cut to a certain measurement, standard rectangular tiles are enough to lay herringbone tiles. These types of tiles are also easy to get as you can purchase them in every other home improvement or hardware store.


The herringbone pattern is a confirmed method of laying tiles and this makes it an easier pattern to set and adapt according to personal taste and preference. For instance, if you want a catchy, bold, and modern design, you can mix a dark-colored grout with a light-colored tile. On the other hand, if you want to create a less-official, welcoming, and homey look, you can use grout with a color shade similar to the color of the tile.

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Disadvantages of Herringbone Tile Pattern

While the herringbone pattern is still one of the easiest tiles to set and you can DIY it, it can still be difficult to lay.  The herringbone pattern requires that you align your tiles perfectly before laying with no mistake. A little flaw or error in the arrangement can botch the whole job as it will look substandard after the whole floor is set. To achieve the best outcome from a herringbone pattern, you must take time to check what you want to do severally. Also, in case you do not want to take chances, it is best to contract the job to a professional tiling company to help you with the remodeling.

What is a Chevron Pattern?

The chevron tile pattern consists of rows of interlocking parallelograms which are put together to produce a zigzag pattern. Unlike the herringbone tile pattern, the chevron can run in a perpendicular or parallel fashion to the floor or adjoining wall.

Also, unlike the herringbone pattern, the chevron pattern only came into the spotlight recently and this allows it the luxury of being able to bring life into old spaces while still offering the same benefits that traditional tile patterns provide. 

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The best way to emphasize the chevron pattern is to use slightly contrasting tile colors against a similarly colored grout. This will create a bolder pattern where the ‘V’ of the pattern stands out better against the bathroom floor or the walls of your remodeled kitchen.

Advantages of Chevron Tile Pattern

The chevron tile pattern carried the main feature of being able to highlight the important parts of the room. While the traditional herringbone pattern can undertone the room, the chevron tile design creates a pattern that improves a room’s feature without beating it down.

Disadvantages of Chevron Tile Pattern

This disadvantage also makes it very popular. This special zigzag look that the chevron tile produces can only be achieved when the tiles are specially cut for that purpose. As elite as this quality may look, it can also prove to be difficult to manage as there is no other alternative to the tiles you can use.


Whether you desire the pop and modernity that the chevron pattern provides or the classic herringbone design, the zigzag patterns will bring life into your home.

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