Top 10 Rising Prefab Home Builders of 2020

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You generally have two options once you are ready to own a new home: buy or build. Either of the two can give you several pros and cons. But if you decide the latter, then you might want to consider prefabricated housing. Prefab homes are fully or partially constructed off-site before being transported to the designated location. This system quickens the production, prevents material wastage, and lessens costs.


So if you are interested to know which prefab manufacturer you can rely on, then proceed reading this article. We made a checklist of 10 rising prefab home builders in the market worldwide just for you. Check them out now!

Sander Architects

Sander Architects is an award-winning company that took the modern prefab architecture world by storm. Their hybrid house is comprised of prefab technology materials to make each custom-built home ideal for every client.

This enterprise aims to create greener homes that are structured with topnotch designs. It is no wonder they are the recipient of prestigious awards, such as the International Design Award in 2015 and SDCF Design Awards for Education in the year 2017.

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Revolution Precrafted

Revolution Precrafted shows a collection of limited edition prefabs. This company unites more than 80 preeminent architects, designers, and artists of the world to create exclusive prefab livable spaces. They specialize in building curated homes, modular hotels, prefab condominiums, transportable pavilions, and pop-ups. 

Pacific Modern Homes

Pacific Modern Homes Inc. (PMHI) provides some of the most elegant panelized structures in America. But that is not only the thing they can offer. PHMI’s structural houses are segmented by design and size. You can select from 600-3500 square feet story homes, granny flats, cabins and chalets, to barns and garages as add-ons. You will never go wrong in choosing PMHI if you want a high-quality building system for your prefab house.


Modscape offers one of the best structures in Australia when it comes to building solutions. More than that, they offer various building services, aside from fabricating modular homes. This includes classroom buildings, hotels, sports pavilions, modular hospitals, and prefab community buildings.

Each of their projects is explicitly built for every client’s site, spatial requirements, and budget. What makes this company more special is that they aim to bring sustainable modular structures with reduced environmental impact, yet they still guarantee good home design and quality.

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JJC is a Chinese-based manufacturer and supplier of affordable weather-resistant container homes, portable bathrooms, modular playhouses, mobile hospitals, prefab offices, and more. As a regular exhibitor at the Canton Fair, JJC container houses never fail to impress their clients, as well as potential customers. The company ensures high-quality, eco-friendly, and long-lasting architectural needs for every application.


If you are looking for experts in modular home designs in Australia, then you will always see the company Archiblox on the list. This housing enterprise has a firm view of the relationship between home structures and the environment. They strive to improve and always tend to surpass their annual green credentials. In fact, Archiblox got its most recent Build Excellence Award from the Australian Construction Awards in 2018.

NOMAD Micro Homes

NOMAD Micro Homes specialize in tiny prefab home kits that come in flat-pack, which are ready to be assembled with basic carpentry skills. What makes them unique is that their products are very easy and quick to reassemble, so you can take them wherever you go. Each home they built is equipped with a living room, bathroom, bedroom, stairs, kitchen, and storage area used for seating.

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Method Homes

Method’s core value for prefab construction is to provide sustainable structure designs. They believe that each individual deserves to live, learn, and work in high-quality and eco-friendly buildings. This is why all of their commercial premises and modular homes are made from sustainable components, systems, and practices.


Greenfab is a home design and architectural firm that specializes in prefab building constructions, panels, cross-laminated timber (CLT), and other innovative methods. This company is very well-known to produce highly energy-efficient, sustainable, and safe home designs. They even provide furniture and fixtures for some of their limited editions. 


Baufritz is among the best-know prefab manufacturers in Germany. In fact, FOCUS magazine featured the business as the most sustainable German prefab enterprise of 2018. They are also considered as an international market player since their products are currently in demand in Italy, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Austria.

Baufritz is a full-service construction company that supports clients from property analysis to maintenance handling even after construction. Their prefab homes have a very distinct look that embodies warm wooden materials.

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And that’s the end of our list! Prefab housing can be your best option if you aim for eco-friendly, stable, and quick home structuring but with lesser expenditures and wastage.

Have you taken your pick? Tell us what you think about your chosen prefab manufacturer. We would like to hear from you. Place your thoughts at the comment box below.

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