A Look at Handcrafted Log Cabins and Log Home builders

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Log houses are structures built from interlocking the corners of horizontal logs by notching. The logs used for these may be squared, round or sawn to some other shapes. They could also be milled or handcrafted. For a very long time, the use of logs for building construction was the pervading building technique in most of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia and the Baltic region.

The presence of tall and straight coniferous trees like spruce and pine was a chief factor for this. Log construction was not restricted to these areas, but was also widely used in many other places were climatic conditions were favorable, from Europe to Asia as well as America. You can read more about it in this article.

Why Desire One?

Why do people want log houses? Why would anyone prefer a handcrafted house? As you read on, you will come across several reasons why a person will want to order their own handcrafted cabin. 

Log Cabins

Environmentally friendly

Using logs helps our environment in a number of ways. A lot of log home builders go for dead standing timbers. These are trees that are dead even though still standing. They are usually killed by insects or bush fires. The removal of these dead trees helps the forest’s health and also aids in the prevention of wildfires. The waste from these logs can be used as fuel in mills, thus saving energy requirements.

When built well, they can meet and even exceed strict energy controls of our day. Tight sealants, optimum roof insulation and the log wall’s thermal mass, are some factors that can result in a significant decrease in energy consumption, while improving your comfort. Furthermore, builders that make use of live trees, also engage in reforestation. These practices enable the forest stay healthy, while also leaving our environment healthy.

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Healthy Alternatives

A lot of artificial building materials can produce off-gases, something you don’t have to worry about when your home is made from natural materials like you get in a handcrafted log home. Furthermore, you are able to create an indoor environment that is healthy for your household due to minimal stains from volatile compounds.

A More Positive Lifestyle

Handcrafted log homes builders bear witness that they have been helpful in bringing about a more positive lifestyle in occupants. Often, the occupants’ fast-paced lifestyle gets replaced with a much calmer one because these building are most often not built in the cities but at the outskirts. In addition, this leaves them with more time for more worthwhile issues. Beyond the reduced pace it gives, it spares them the noise and distractions that normally cram our lives. Considering that log homes builders often factor leisure in their design, it is no wonder that these houses end up relaxing the occupants.

Authentic and Entertaining

Because of the location of most handcrafted homes, they appear more like genuine parts of the natural ecosystem. They are indeed an extension of nature, and this is a sharp contrast to other modes of building that jut out as though imposed on the environment. Your handcrafted house blends perfectly with your natural environment, whether it be set on a mountain top, or forest thicket, by a stream’s edge or just in the open prairie.

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With these unique locations come their entertaining factor. Get-togethers cannot be more fun as the all-natural environment and atmosphere nudges any party quickly to next levels. So, if you are thinking of where to take your friends for a great outing, why not to your handcrafted log house? In fact, every day, you will end up with a vacation feel.

Dealing with Fears

Log Cabins

Despite the advantages inherent in owning a handcrafted log house, a number of people express certain fears. They express fears that have to do with maintenance, aesthetics, durability, quality and such. It would be needful to say something on some of these fears, yet watching this video can also help allay your fears https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p89IPMYtcQI 

Easy Maintenance

Log houses are usually maintained differently from the regular kind of house; differently does not mean more expensive. All you need to do most times is just to follow the home builder’s recommendations with that of the sealant provider. With these, your home can be at its best at minimal cost and effort. 

With regards to termites and other wood bugs like carpenter bees, remember that just any house can be attacked by these. The advantage you have over other houses is that your wooden areas are not hidden, as may be the case with other options of building. It therefore becomes easy with the exposure of your walls to monitor, spot and eradicate bugs on time before they can incur for you damages.

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Versatility in Design and Aesthetics

Log construction is not limited. It can actually be anything you want it to be. If you want to build with modern architecture, it is possible. The right log home builders are not just construction workers, they are artists; and can give you a personalized taste. With regards to painting, you are not limited to dark colors. Your color options can be limitless; anything from golden honey (the traditional color of most of these buildings) to moss green and any other color of your choice.

You should also know that your decoration options are wide. The logs in your house are just building materials, they are not necessarily your style. So, from a rustic cowboy outlook to an upscale sophisticated outlook, any of these can provide a theme that can guide your decoration. Lastly on this, these houses are not synonymous with dark creepy lodgings. Your house, from structural design to your choice of lighting, can be as bright as you choose it to be. 

Built Solid

The method used in building these houses yields a structurally compact shell that also produces a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. Compared to other types of buildings, no one can call them pushovers. They have been known to withstand extreme weathers including hurricanes and tornadoes that pulled down other structures, while just taking in minimal damage. They indeed endure for long, and you still find all over Europe and Russia these kind of houses that have survived for more than four centuries.

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In Conclusion

If your desire is to stand out from the crowd and get yourself a head turner, then look for a handcrafted log home builder to build you one. If you are also considering something small, this is your option. These kind of houses do not get more cramped the smaller it gets, rather they get cozier. You end up with the feeling of receiving warm hugs from the walls rather than an inconvenient squeeze.

With your handcrafted construction, your historic portion of property ends up with a legacy that leaves a message. A lot of Americans see this form of building as the surest connection to their American heritage. They see their ability to take backward steps in time, to simpler lifestyles that come with minimal distractions, as a thing the mass of people covet most.

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