The Dynamic House in Pasture of Northern Israel

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Urvi Chheda
Urvi Chheda
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This uniquely designed dynamic house stands on the pastoral areas of Northern Israel. Its innovative architecture offers a vigorous living experience that translates into each of its spaces. The house stands on a hilly landscape but merges seamlessly with the surrounding. It spans up to 480-meter square and has stepping surfaces that blend with the topography. This exceptionally large structure starts from a raised hillock and has a covered façade to not reveal the beauty of the house.

Dan and Hila Israelevitz architects have smartly planned the spaces to increase privacy while building up the eagerness in every person that sees the house for the first time. Moreover, the partially covered and partly open architectural features instil a sense of excitement and mystery. When seen from the front, the villa appears as a single floored building. As you enter, a flight of steps leads the way to the common area which includes a living room, kitchen, and dining area. From this intermediate floor, one can access the parent’s floor, children’s floor, and garage.

The Dynamic House in Pasture

The living room has muted colours and minimal furniture that makes the space look comfortable. In addition, small units of glass with mirror pools and ornamental trees divide the areas visually. It brings the warmth of natural sunlight inside and makes space look larger than reality.

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dynamic house

The kitchen is predominated by grey finishes and accentuated with stylish lights. It opens up to the swimming area with a beautiful deck. Horizontal blocks and steel columns wrap the swimming area, thus providing a sense of intimacy.

dynamic house

The house interiors have white and grey influences, while the wooden texture adds a character to space. The master bedroom follows the symphony of minimal design and maximal comfort. also, the ceilings of the entire house are kept neutral with modern light fixtures whereas elegant light pendants are used smartly to highlight the features.

dynamic house

The house is an exceptional example of artistic architecture and a blissful interior. Space offers a different and divergent living experience for owners as well as the viewers.

dynamic house

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