The Art of Optimising Small Spaces: Nine Sliding Modular Beds

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Urvi Chheda
Urvi Chheda
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Modular beds are like a solution to small spaces. With the growing demand for smaller spaces, it has become a challenge for interior designers and architects all around the world to utilise space efficiently. The designers are facing a common problem of a growing population and housing needs have changed completely. Pod-living and Studios are getting more prevalent every day.

But as they say, necessity is the mother of invention. Interior industry is now overflowing with design solutions for small spaces. Optimising every inch of the house has now become a conquered territory. From sofa beds to convertible stairs, there is a myriad of designs available to maximise life in small living.

These stunning projects with modular foldable bed design will make you want to get one for yourself now!

Trending Sliding Modular Beds

Sliding Modular Beds

This bed design that doubles up as a partition is perfect for studio apartment design.

This folding bed is perfect if you want to optimise the living area space in your studio.

Who knew co-living could be so aesthetic!

Modular pieces of furniture tend to make space look much more organised.

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Sliding Modular Beds

This modular beds design is pure heaven for all the booklovers out there!

Sliding Modular Beds

This is hands down the best modular bed design ever created. Low height bed gives more volume to the room while the covered top is an extra space to chill.

Sliding Modular Beds

It is always tricky to play around the space near a staircase. But this gorgeous bed idea can be a great place to lounge.

Looks like a closet, feels like a bed! This bed design is just amazing!

Sliding Modular Beds

Hope these modular beds designs inspire you for your next project. However, concerning the designs there is always a room for customisation and meeting your tiny spaces‘ requirements. Also, effective and within the budget!

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