Spacious House in San Marco By vEstudio


Located in Ingeniero Maschwitz, Buenos Aires ProvinceArgentina, the House in San Marco was designed by vEstudio, and it was completed in 2013. Even though it features just 2,152 square feet of living space, the residence ensures fantastic living conditions for its lucky owner, especially since it can be found in very close proximity to a beautiful lake.

Aside from its convenient location, this home impresses with large floor-to-ceiling windows at its ground floor, which flood the main living room with natural light throughout the day while ensuring great views of the nearby natural environment. The interiors give off a sense of minimalism and tidiness thanks to the extensive use of concrete, metal and glass. For a touch of contrast, the ceiling features extensive wood elements that add natural warmth.

The ground floor incorporates all of the main socialization areas, and it boasts a fireplace, a sofa and a modern glass dining table. The residence is inhabited by a couple without children, but if they decide to add another member to their family at a later date, they can always expand the residence without much difficuly thanks to its straightforward design.

Photos by Andrés Negroni

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