How To Choose Dining Chairs For Your Dining Table

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Choosing the correct dining room chairs for your table may seem relatively straightforward. You may even think that since you have the table in sight, you might as well go with the chairs on display with the table. That is usually not the best course of action because trending designs do not always follow that concept. If you are still living with that concept in mind, then by all means, go ahead and follow that design lifestyle and run with it, but you will still need to follow some basic rules. 

Now that is not to say that these steps are set in stone because, let’s face it, not every person is exactly the same. When we get to the section on measuring, if you are a little larger than average, or a bit smaller, you may want to adjust the measurements to match what works best for you. So with that in mind, let’s take a little closer look at how to choose dining chairs for your dining table.

  • Size – One of the most critical aspects of the new chairs for dining that you must pay close attention to is the size. Dig out the construction-grade tape measure, or borrow one if necessary, and figure out how to use it properly before attempting to take measurements. You will want the chair’s top seat to be 12 inches from the bottom of the table. This gives you the perfect amount of legroom while ensuring you are at the optimal height when eating.
  • Materials – What the dining rooms chairs are made out of will need to depend mainly upon the design that you are going for. Wood may be the best option if you have a room portraying an old and rustic look, but sacrificing comfort should not be overlooked. If you and the family spend more than a few minutes in the dining chairs, you will want to consider comfort, meaning wooden chairs with cushions or possibly wicker chairs that go along with the color of the wood table.
  • Color – Another aspect of decorating that needs to be considered is the color, even if you are going with wood. Black chairs have been one of the most popular colors for a while now simply because they go with any style of home, but bold and bright colors have been increasingly in demand. The choice is yours, as long as the color of the chairs matches the décor and paint of the room they are going in. 
  • Movement – One aspect of the dining room chairs that many people forget to consider is the movement of the chairs. People at the dining table will be side by side while eating, so when they need to get up, there will not be much room for them to maneuver. That is why they need to be able to easily slide the chair back and out so they can get up from the table. Plus, the opposite also applies. The person needs to be able to sit down and slide back into place when needed. If there are any floor rugs under the table, they need to extend out far enough to not catch on the chair legs, and the clearance around the dining chairs must be enough to allow movement.
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That is the basics of choosing the perfect dining room chair for your table. Professional interior designers highly suggest buying your table and chairs separately rather than as a set because it allows you to customize them to match your specific tastes. Of course, that is a decision you can make once you see the set the company offers you because it may be perfect just the way it is. Either way, once you have the set and it is placed in the ideal spot, all you have left is to sit down with family and friends and enjoy some great food together.

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