Bohemian 3536 Coast View Residence

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Up next is the 3536 Coast View residence, a gorgeous jewelry which provides incredible, endless views over the ocean. It features a superb indoor and outdoor area enriched with good taste and refinement.

Privacy is offered by the trees, decorative plants and bushes spread all over the property while the swimming pool provides relaxation and the chance of starting a party with some friends.

This bohemian style estate can be used as a vacation house or as a permanent one, depending on what job you have and what your wishes are.


The 3536 Coast View residence is described as an exquisite property that boasts breathtaking ocean views. It offers a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living spaces, characterized by tasteful and refined design choices. Privacy is a key feature, ensured by the lush vegetation that encompasses the estate, including trees, decorative plants, and bushes.

Additionally, the residence features a swimming pool, which not only offers relaxation but also serves as an ideal spot for hosting gatherings. The property’s bohemian style allows for flexibility in its use, making it suitable both as a vacation home or a permanent residence, depending on one’s professional commitments and personal preferences.

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