Six Beautiful ideas applicable on a house immersed in Nature

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Urvi Chheda
Urvi Chheda
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Irekua Antani is an attractive residence situated in a forest in Mexico. The concept of the design was to connect with nature through the house’s architectural structures. The house has an elongated shape, that branches into cosy rooms and outdoor spaces. The beauty of the place lies in the presence of lush trees and outstanding greenery that surround all the facades of the house.

Let’s have a look at what makes the house design rustic and appealing.

A Long Hallway


A hallway serves as a connecting channel between different areas of the house. It generally separates common spaces and lounging areas from more private spaces such as bedrooms. The corridor provides ample space to move with ease between chambers while conserving privacy.



Large glazed windows


Most of the house is glazed, which allows natural light to come in and warm up the bedrooms before it gets colder at night. The glass windows are large and reveal beautiful landscapes.


Wood material


Wood remains the dominant material inside the house. It is used in the construction of walls, floors, and ceilings. It creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The external structure of the house is also masked by a wooden curtain, which allows minimal sunlight to pass through and adds an airy feel.

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Terraces and a pool

The house extends towards a lake via patios. The terraces enable you to enjoy remarkable views and forestry scents. The house also features a cantilevered wooden deck and a pool, which enables you to freshen up during hot days.

A grassland

The roof of the house is covered in grass, which efficiently conceals the house in the framework of nature and lush greenery. The grass actually regulates the interior temperature throughout all the seasons.

Aged furniture


In terms of furniture, the designer opted for a minimalist house style. Classic pieces of furniture are used to create a beautiful and bright vintage look.

Get inspired by the unique design of this house, and build a house in the middle of a mountain where you can preserve and admire the beauty of nature.


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