Magnificent Mallorca – State of Art 3-Leveled Penthouse

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Urvi Chheda
Urvi Chheda
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Mallorca, the three-level penthouse is designed by Askdeco Architects in Beirut. This eclectic yet modern looking apartment is both classy and serene. And, the colour theme is composed of neutrals with a pop of accent arts. This bachelor apartment was once a small studio but now it expands to multi-stories and adds to the visual vibrance.

The apartment is located in Ashrafieh, the heart of Beirut. It provides a complete justice to this multi-talented city filled with fashion designers, artists, and art connoisseurs. Moreover, the modern interiors offer a complete contrast to the otherwise historic area.

Mallorca house

Adhering to the client’s requirements, Askdeco curated a cohesive space with an open layout. The large windows surround every wall and bring the sunshine inside. Besides, this contemporary and highly-functional abode has tailor-made elements that add to the uniqueness. A huge bookshelf covers the central area of the living room that retreats to the stairs.

Mallorca house

Features of Mallorca Penthouse

A helical shaped staircase with extended jail bars railing acts as a focal point. And, to make the apartment look more masculine, metal finishes are applied in a lot of spaces. Therefore, this penthouse has quirky elements in every room that gives it a youthful and artistic look.

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Rich linen and high-end upholstery are masked in every room making it appear more subtle. Contrasting to the submissive fabrics are the expensive metallic elements. Accent armchairs and peculiar poufs are a common sight. Modern pieces of idiosyncratic art add glamour to the apartment.

The Master bathroom offers the most legendary view of the city. An ultramodern armchair sits on the front of the washroom and stares right at the mind-blowing view. With floor to ceiling windows on one wall and stunning mirrors on the other, the bathroom is certainly the most beautiful space inside the house.

Mallorca house

The kitchen has a modern high-tech design with the latest appliances but what truly grabs the attention is the dining table. The two-layered wooden table enhances the space suavely. Askdeco has done a wonderful job of creating this comfortable yet contemporary abode with a gourmet view.

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