The Sustainable Contemporary Urban Retreat in San Francisco

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Urvi Chheda
Urvi Chheda
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Contemporary Urban Retreat is situated at the bustling streets of San Francisco and overlooks the gorgeous downtown. Feldman Architecture designed this cultural space merging the outdoors and the indoors. Besides, the entire apartment gives an earthy yet cosmopolitan look.

Urban Retreat

A lush balcony with fresh green plants centres an outdoor seating which is a perfect space to bask in the sun. The architects paid special attention to creating a sustainable place with features like rainwater reuse techniques and solar energy connections. Moreover, these environmental-friendly fixtures helped in achieving a LEED Platinum certification for this apartment.

Urban Retreat

This could house a small family happily. And, the outdoor area is perfect for the kids to play which connects to an earthy looking living room. The beautiful white brick cladding walls bring a natural look to space, while textured wood beautifies the floor and ceiling. A unique light fixture on the centre of the room is the true cynosure of the eyes.

Urban Retreat

The rainwater seeping through the green roofs gets collected and filtered. However, this greywater is then fed to the laundry and bathrooms of the house.

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Urban Retreat

The apartment is encircled with hanging green bars from all sides. The perfect outdoor space allows us to enjoy the panoramic view of the city while also increasing the square footage of the house.

Sustainable Contemporary Urban Retreat

The entire living space has a rustic but a modern look. The architects have smartly divided the spaces using wood partition cum storage units. This California walnut casework appears to float around the rooms and makes it look light. Even though the use of bricks and wood could end up looking too masculine, this house denies the fact and acts as a humble retreat. Also, the wooden work throughout the apartment is made with recycled wood from local projects.

Textured clay tiles and cemented ceiling neutralizes the ambience calmly. Floor to ceiling windows run across all four sides offering a marvellous view and bringing-in the warm sunlight. Hence, these windows make the apartment look alive and energetic! Such a sustainable and contemporary apartment should be the future of world’s furniture and interior design!


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