Ultra-Luxurious Corniche Penthouse in London

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Urvi Chheda
Urvi Chheda
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Corniche Penthouse is one of the most opulent apartments in London’s Albert Embankment. Standing right at the top of Tower on and overlooking the enchanting Thames. St James, a part of Berkley hired the renowned architect Thomas Griem of TG-Studio to ameliorate the apartment. This team of internationally acclaimed architects realized the Corniche Penthouse in the most sophisticated way. The infusion of dark ink, pastel blue, and nude hue create the most calming and tranquil mood.

A lobby on the left has two dedicated lifts that bring the guests up, to the 26th floor. Besides, these private lifts lead to two ways; a direct staircase to access bedrooms and the main way leading to the living room. This common entrance hall connects all the entertaining area of the penthouse.

Probe within Corniche Penthouse

All four en-suite bedrooms offer a panoramic view of the Thames. The curved bays of the bedrooms have custom fit window shades. The classy wall panels made of stained oak adorns the bed-heads. The super snuggly king-sized beds are wrapped with herringbone linen and are perfect to relax. Moreover, the bedside tables made of leather and ostrich embossing creates a symphony inside the rooms.

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The grand entrance lobby translates to a helical staircase leading to a private office and a meeting area. The entire space is jewelled by a 6-meter high ceiling. And, the natural bright light falls upon the lush fabrics beautifully. In the centre of curves, there is an office table presenting the most gorgeous view of London. The entire house is studded with custom LED lights which highlights the penthouse gracefully.


Furthermore, the helical stairway further leads to the two-storeyed entertaining area. Also, French kissing sofa acts as a focal point and harmonizes the space. Besides, a grandbaby piano sits in between and gives a rich look. The formal living room offers the most stunning view of the city. In addition, curved furniture accents space beautifully.


The Corniche Penthouse is dictated with custom art pieces sourced from all around the world. Thus, the entire apartment offers a breath-taking experience with the 360 degrees view. This entertainment hub is truly stylish and sassy London abode that we are absolutely crushing on!


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