Sustainable House Ocho in Monterey County, California

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Since self-sustainability and energy efficiency are so important during our days, several renowned architectural companies are designing and building green, efficient homes that feature elevated degrees of energy independence. One such an abode is called House Ocho, and it can be found in the small city of Carmel in Monterey County, California.

Built in 2004, House Ocho boasts 2,900 square feet of living space, and it was sketched out by Groza Construction in collaboration with green roof consultant Rana Creek. In order to minimize the house’s impact on the environment, its builders decided to divide it into a series of pavilions, which helped to lower its overall mass. Surrounded by lush greenery, the residence offers spectacular views that can be admired from almost every room, while a large terrace serves as an outdoor living area that is perfect for relaxation and entertainment purposes.

Moreover, the house was also equipped with a series of passive heating technologies complemented by living roofs that dramatically increase the project’s overall energy efficiency. Consequently, the American Institute of Architects awarded House Ocho with the Energy and Sustainability Honor in 2007.

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Photos by Paul Dyer, Claudio Santini, Kodiak Greenwood, and Roland Bishop

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