Contemporary Glass Homes: Pros and Cons

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The appeal of modern glasshouses lies in their undeniable attractiveness and panoramic views. To make a glass house look even more magnificent, many homeowners use attractive interior décor to liven up the space. This could be done either by buying incredible artworks from all over the world using such services as art shipping services or just hiring an interior décor expert to spruce up the insides of the glasshouse. Either way, glasshouses hardly need much sprucing up, because of their magnificent architectural designs.

What it Feels like to Live in a Contemporary Glass House

Beautiful glass houses always turn out to be some sort of tourist attraction. Passersby always want to have a second look or take pictures. This brings up several privacy concerns. There’s a chance that one may start to feel like a goldfish living in a glasshouse. However, this is not always the case. Many glass house owners say they love the openness of the buildings and when one needs some privacy, this can always be achieved by pulling down some thick curtains over the glass.

However one chooses to view them, there’s no denying the fact that glasshouses make up some of the most amazing architecture jewels around the world. These modernist, see-through homes have been proven to be one of the best ways to enjoy comfort indoors while being surrounded by the natural beauty of the outdoors.

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Most Amazing Modern Glass Houses around the World

Historic glasshouses were made with heavier, larger glass materials. However, modern glasshouses are built with lighter and more aesthetically pleasing materials that are hard to ignore. Here are a few modern glasshouses around the world that offer the most mesmerizing views of the surrounding landscape from the comfort of the bedroom.

Flex House by Evolution Design

This 4-story, waterfront home measures 173 square meters and has a unique white glass façade that’s eye-catchy. The building was completed in 2016. It features an open space on the ground floor that contains the living space, kitchen, and dining areas. The first floor houses two bathrooms and two bedrooms. The second floor has a studio with a large garage and 2 large terraces. There’s also a utility space in the basement. The focus of the overall design in this modern home is to allow anyone from any part of the house to enjoy the views of the home’s surroundings.

Flex House by Evolution Design

Finley Beach House

This architectural beauty was designed for a couple. It’s situated on the outskirts of Oregon’s coastal forest. This simple 2-story glass house serves as a weekend getaway to connect with nature. The 3330 square-foot design has a green roof that allows it to blend into the immediate environment. It took about 6 years to complete this building. This modern glasshouse is also popularly called the 360-house and it was completed in 2012.

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The Glass House Toronto

The glasshouse Toronto is located in Oakville, Toronto, Canada. It comprises of 3-stories and combines opulence with nature in a picturesque manner. This modern house has floor-to-ceiling glass walls and a total of 8271 square feet of living space. The overall glass design provides a beautiful view of the surrounding area.

Tower Residence by Peter Gluck

The modern house, shaped like a treehouse, was built in the woods of the Hudson Valley, as the perfect spot for a vacation retreat. It allows one to view the beautiful nearby mountain range across Catskill Park. It has 4-stories4-stories. This house comprises several clever architectural details such as the use of green fritted reflective glass that allows the house to blend in with its green surroundings. Overall, this house offers panoramic views of the forest’s canopy.

Toshiko Mori Glass House

This glasshouse was designed by Toshiko Mori who is a Harvard professor and an architect. It is located in New York. The house has 4 wings and each wing provides a magnificent view in every direction. From the living spaces to the kitchen area, every space in the home is flooded in natural sunlight. The house also has a green roof that allows it to merge with its natural surroundings.

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Pros of Living in a Modern Glass House

Glass is Eco-friendly

Glass building materials are a lot more environmentally friendly than other types of building materials. It is completely ecologically friendly which helps mitigate climate change and save natural resources such as wood.

It’s Aesthetically Pleasing

A glasshouse, no doubt stands out from other types of houses. When built in the middle of beautiful surroundings, these kinds of houses look like a work of art.

Glass is Adaptable

One can adapt glass for so many different purposes. For instance, they can be made opaque, bulletproof, self-regulating among others.

Improves Well-Being

Living in a glass house is one sure way to ensure you’re hardly ever in darkness. Having a constant flow of light into the home every day keeps one in high spirits and wards off depression.

The Cons of Living in a Glass Building

Glass is High Maintenance

Glass walls need occasional cleaning and this isn’t always easy to do. Most of the time, commercial cleaning companies are hired to clean the glass part of these houses. Alternatively, some people just build with self-cleaning glass; however, these do not come cheap. Also, because of its brittle nature, glass is more likely to get damaged in cases of ground movement or earthquakes.

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Lack of Privacy

Glasshouses offer such a magnificent view, especially at night. This means that passersby may want to stop and stare. To avoid giving away all privacy, glasshouse owners often install some sort of shades or curtains for when they need some privacy. This would typically mean having to cover a large area of glass with curtains and these costs a lot of money.

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