Why You Should Choose Only Reputable Contractors For Your Home Improvement/Renovation Project

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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The quality of home contractors can vary in quality in so many aspects. The more you pay, the more you get simply doesn’t prove true. There are plenty of contractors that can deliver consistent results to clients on small and large projects. You do not want to play games with your home renovation as problems arising can be disastrous. Less than competent work can lead to thousands of dollars in work simply to repair the damage done. This does not include having a project redone which has to happen in some cases. Below are a few tips and things to watch out for when picking a contractor for your project.

Getting The Work You Paid For

Most people don’t realize that part of a contractor’s fee is permits they have to pull. Just like everything else that has to do with the government, you’ll have a permit application fee. Pulling permits is not a simple process for someone that has not handled this in the past. Delays in getting permits can be a warning sign that the application process has encountered an issue. Unless you are doing something drastic that is not in accordance with local standards, getting permits for home renovations should not be an issue.

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A person being injured on your property due to low-quality work is a risk. You want to make sure that you ask for pictures of other completed projects. Doing online research for first and last names can be important too. You don’t want a company known for shady practices that has rebranded to take advantage of you.

Construction accidents happen daily around the country. The accidents differ in severity depending on the circumstance. A large number of injuries occur due to falls from a ladder or heights of some kind. Goide and Siegel, a firm that can provide a construction accident lawyer in NYC understand the serious nature of these accidents. They note that ” Nationwide, more than 4,500 workers are hurt and 60 are killed in scaffolding accidents. One BLS study found that most workers are hurt when they slip and fall, are hit by a falling object, or the planking or support fails.”

Contractor Insurance Is A Must

You need to pick a contractor that is insured and has proof of insurance. The last thing you want is to have to deal with an injury to a worker that you are now liable for. Asking for licenses or seeing some sort of certification from the state is also important. Unlicensed contractors completing a project can be costly as you might have to tear it down. You can also be fined for using unlicensed labor knowingly. There are some projects that are going to require permits that certain individuals cannot pull.

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Subcontractors You Can Trust

A reputable contractor might contract out a few facets of a large renovation. The crew might call in a person that specializes in pool tile or other specialties. The subcontractors being reliable is very important as well. Delays in a project can lead to additional costs beyond the agreed-upon estimate. The last thing a homeowner wants to do is to feel trapped in their own home due to it being in disrepair.

Background checks are also important to inquire about. The workers in your home will have access to your things and family. Most contractors do ask for background checks due to a worker having the ability to ruin the company’s reputation.

Getting Realistic Start And Completion Dates

Working with reputable contractors allows you to all but guarantee your completion date will be hit. The only delays might be from hidden issues like water damage or mold that need to be dealt with. Materials have caused delays since the pandemic with some materials like wood skyrocketing in price.

Completion dates can be very important as some people might want to use vacation time during the time their home is renovated. The ability to get a video of the project allows a homeowner to supervise without being there. With all of the home security equipment available in today’s world, you can monitor your home closely.

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Reputable contractors are going to be completely transparent with you. Getting you to sign off on additional costs due to hidden issues in an area being improved. Contractors might not always have good news but a reputable one will give you peace of mind that the work is being done right. Finding a contractor that you can use for years can allow you to transform your home. 

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