10 amazing architecture jewels around the world – part 1

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Take a virtual tour of the world’s most famous buildings. Structural shapes, unique design concepts and decorative details can provide ideas for design projects of all kinds. A building also tells us a lot about a country’s culture and way of life during the period it was built. It’s a bit like looking at a historical photograph, but unlike in a photo, buildings evolve after construction has finished.

Today we bring a list of 10 incredible famous buildings to inspire you!

1. House X in Puerta del Bosque, Mexico

It is a beautiful two-story contemporary home that is very opened towards the lovely outside areas. The living, dining and kitchen area for instance is seamlessly linked to the garden patio, with only large sliding glass doors separating the two spaces.

House X In Puerta Del Bosque, Mexico

2. The Benelong Murra Murra Residence, Little Bay, Australia

The two-story residence was designed according to the owner’s requests, keeping it as simple as possible. The open living area resembles a platform oriented towards the beautiful view, while the service area is located at the opposite side of the house, in order to separate the work and play spaces.

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The Benelong Murra Murra Residence, Little Bay, Australia

3. The JKC1 House in Bukit Timah, Singapore

The building has two floors. The first one is occupied by the kitchen, laundry, and the living and dining area, which forms a continuous space that opens towards the pool and the front lawn.

The Jkc1 House In Bukit Timah, Singapore

4. The Laurel Residence, Houston, Texas

Located in Houston, Texas, the house was designed for a comfortable and relaxing living, with focus on energy efficient features. Inside, a large open area, which includes the kitchen, living and dinning room, is connected with the covered patio outside through big windows, which allow the light to flow into the home.

The Laurel Residence, Houston, Texas

5. Villa Veth, Netherlands

The living area is oriented towards the south, and provided with large glass walls, which minimize the inside-outside boundary and let the sun and natural light flow into the house. The living room features beautiful black-and-white furniture, which gives an elegant feel to the entire residence.

Villa Veth, Netherlands

6. Lighthouse 65 in Hill Head, England

The owners enjoy complete privacy, as the house was built 7 meters below the level of the road, the roof being used as a parking lot for 3 cars. To get into the house one has to ascend the concrete stair core and pass through an illuminated glass cube, which is in fact the ‘lighthouse’.

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Lighthouse 65 In Hill Head, England

7. The Cottesloe House, Australia

The residence blends perfectly into the surrounding area. The basement garage is set at the street level thanks to the raised site, and the upper level is situated at the maximum height allowed by the planning scheme, to offer beautiful views of the surroundings.

The Cottesloe House, Australia

8. Meacham Residence in Evergreen, Colorado

It is set in the foothills west of Denver, and its architecture and position takes full advantage of the lovely views around it. The house is also cleverly set to capture plenty of sunlight even in the winter. Evergreen trees offer shade during the summer and contribute to the natural beauty of the lot.

Meacham Residence In Evergreen, Colorado

9. Helena House Project by StudioMet

The two-story home features an inviting and spacious interior setting, which reflects the lives of the people inhabiting this residence. The uniqueness of this contemporary building is given by the forms and colors of the exterior, functional spaces and impressive design.

Helena House Project By Studiomet

10. Laurie Frick’s Residence, by KRBD Studio

The home includes a bedroom, two bathrooms, a 700-square-foot studio and a pool. The ingeniously designed building comprises a number of 16’ structural steel bays, which are rapped with a metal-clad SIP cowl. The architects used glazing and tigerwood for the entire house, except for the studio, which is covered in integral color stucco.

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