Top 6 Tips to Elevate Your Living Room to Look Expensive

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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True to the name: your living room is where you live your life. You’ll likely spend more time there than anywhere else in your home – at least during your waking hours, so it makes sense to make the room as plush as it can be.

But not everyone has bucket loads of cash to splash on a complete redesign and an array of premium furnishings. Here’s how to achieve that coveted luxury look without having to reverse mortgage your home.

Living Room to Look Expensive

Choose A Great Set of Curtains

Much like an ill-fitting suit, the wrong sized curtains make your whole living room feel cheap. Regardless of the quality of the cloth, curtains that fall short of the floor look like tacky hand-me-downs. But getting custom cut and designed draperies is an expensive endeavour, so what is the budget home interior designer to do?

The easy option is to measure the height of your walls before purchasing the curtains. Chances are there will be something in the size you want in stock. Remember, you want your curtains to touch the floor or float no more than half an inch above. Be sure to get one with extra folds for a more luxurious look.

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As for height, the curtain rods should rest at least 6 inches above the window frame. But for a proper high-end aesthetic, try putting them just below the ceiling and see how they look. Speaking of rods, you needn’t spend a fortune. Various furniture retailers have lots of chic designs that come in different sizes and are super cheap.

set of Curtains

Getting Your Lighting Right

Having a variety of different light sources is key to pulling off the luxury look. Therefore, you’re going to need to get creative if you want to spruce of your living room without breaking the bank.

For the primary light source, a hanging pendant light or sparkling chandelier can add class to your home. Scour online marketplaces for bargains. With a little DIY know-how, you could even replace your old fixture without getting an electrician involved. Another low-cost and elegant addition is to scatter a few hurricane containers around to accentuate your furniture. Sconces on the walls work a charm too – just be sure to keep the symmetry in check.

If you’re in a position to design your lighting from scratch, remember that downlights are all the rage these days as they add a distinctly sumptuous feel to your home. And if placed above an oversized artwork, your living space will feel like a million bucks.  

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Lighting Right

Grab a Large Artwork

A massive painting that spans a significant portion of the primary wall can add a sense of splendour to the space. And the best part is that art can be remarkably cheap. Very few people can tell the difference between a priceless masterpiece and a budget artwork, so consider commissioning an art student to create a massive painting that complements your existing design. You could even pick up the canvas for them from an online art supply store to optimise your savings!
Grab a Large Artwork

Invest In a Massive Rug

Much like art; the bigger the rug, the more expensive it feels. And once again, you needn’t spend a fortune to get a rug that covers the vast majority of your living space.

Give those intricate and expensive Persian rugs a miss and opt for something more minimalist instead. Jute rugs are an excellent option as they’re affordable and have a nice earthy texture that won’t detract from other elements.

Invest In a Massive Rug

Throw In A Few Textures

A great way to improve the richness of your living room aesthetics is to throw a few textures into the mix. Natural tones such as shiny metals or earthy wood grains work best, as do fur and wool. Of course, a plush leather sofa is best ideal way to add rich texture to the room. If possible, aim to incorporate at least a sample of each to get a full ensemble.

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Budget options include fake fur blankets, velvet pillowcases, thick woollen rugs, and rustic furniture made from recycled wood. Add a brass or copper lamp to complete the look.

few textures

DIY Pillow Cases

A funky set of pillowcases will go a long way towards pulling off the perfect living room design – and you needn’t spend a fortune to obtain a lavish look. The solution is simple: head down to your local fabric store and pick up a sufficient amount of scrap material, which is just as stylish as the new stuff but comes at a massive discount. Next, go online to find a tailor to craft the perfect pillowcase for you. Remember, it’s often better to go for different designs than trying to match.

Much like the dining table and chairs in your kitchen, choosing the right furnishings is key to optimising the aesthetics of your living room. To elevate its style to the extreme, get in touch with the professional team at Berkowitz Furniture today.

DIY Pillow Cases

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