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Update Your Classic Home in a Breeze With Fritz Hansen Series 7 Counter Stool

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Fritz Hansen Series 7 Counter stool extends the original Jacobsen’s mid century modern furniture design in a more classic yet urban fashion. The modern charm of this bold-looking, uniquely designed chair goes further than common with the added backrest and the seat design that resembles a regular stool. On the other hand, the soft form and the silhouette of the chair perfectly emulate a classic style, allowing the design to flatter the interiors of both directions. Here’s why you must have a Series 7 Counter Stool:

Counter Stool

Classic Modern Design

The Series 7 Counter Stool is a great example of a highly adjustable, eclectic design. It’s long metal legs make for a perfectly stable bar stool, while the classic-looking design allows for the chair to fit in with most common, homey interior. The Series 7 Counter Stool isn’t your typical bar stool. It gives out a warm, polished, high-class vibe typical to mid-century modern furniture design. If you’re not looking for a regular bar stool that has a common club-feel to it, then the Series 7 Counter stool is the right choice.

Counter Stool

Modern Functionality

The design of the Beetle counter stool emulates the resemblance of a nice-looking dining room chair, with the purpose and the functionality of a bar stool. It is tall enough to reach the countertop of any bar, yet keenly designed to be a cohesive part of your kitchen/dining room design. If you have a taste for more traditional mid-century modern furniture furnishing pieces, you’ll love the Series 7 Counter Stool for its familiar, classic look.

Counter Stool

Comfy Backrest

Not many bar stools are made with comfortable seats, and the Series 7 Counter Stool stands not only for its comfortable, organic design but also for its backrest. Backrests aren’t commonly added to bar stools, which is why sitting on them for a longer period of time isn’t very comfortable. Not with this chair! The Series 7 Counter stool offers the familiar comfort of mid-century modern furniture, whether you’re using it to have a quick cup of coffee or to have a longer conversation with a friend.

Counter Stool


If you live in a small apartment or a studio, the Series 7 Counter Stool is convenient for its versatility and compact design. It won’t take up too much space, but it is comfortable enough for you to sit through reading, working on your laptop, or having a full meal.

Whether your home is modern and you’re looking for authentic furnishings, or you prefer more classic-styled functional pieces, the Series 7 Counter Stool is the right choice. It will be comfortable for long sitting and introduce a perfectly balanced mix of classic and modern into your home. With the abundance of veneers, finishes, and upholstery to choose from, you won’t miss finding the right mid century modern furniture design for your home.

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