Prefab House Series By Dwell Partners And Turkel Design

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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It’s true that prefabricated homes have certain advantages, including material cost reduction, easy planning and fast construction, but the appearances of prefab houses are usually strikingly similar as their designs revolve around pitched roofs and long rectangular bodies. Two companies named Dwell Partners and Turkel Design joined hands in order to create the “Axiom Series” of modern homes in an attempt to add originality to the notion of prefabricated dwellings.

The homes that are a part of the Axiom Series boast designs that required two decades of practice and research. All Axiom residences flaunt passive cooling and heating systems, airtight building envelopes and efficient insulation. Potential owners can analyze and review numerous different features regarding their future homes before ordering them, which goes a long way towards making sure that the result is always up to par with the client’s requirements.

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