Rustic And Comfortable Home In Indiana, United States

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Built in 2006 on a picturesque site in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States, this rustic and comfortable residence flaunts 7,678 square feet of living space and represents a perfect place to call home. Its exterior design includes natural materials such as wood and stone, while its interiors boast a tranquil and welcoming ambiance thanks to a selection of high quality furnishings, high-end finishes and superb decors.

The residents and their guests have four bedrooms, four full bathrooms and three half ones at their disposal, not to mention the formal dining room and gourmet kitchen. The abode was built at an elevated location, which allows it to benefit from amazing views of the White River and of the nearby greenery. This rustic masterpiece is worth nearly $2,5 million, and it is worth each and every penny.

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