Costa Nova House: A Harmonious Blend of Tradition and Modernity by Espaço Objecto

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Luke Martin
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Project Overview

The Costa Nova House, crafted by Espaço Objecto, sits at the heart of Costa Nova, Ílhavo. Its architectural excellence led the owner to transform this property into a unique single-family home. While it deviates from the typical wooden “barn” style, its distinctive character complements the urban facade of Avenida José Estevão, adjacent to the estuary.

Preservation of Unique Features

The house’s façade features intricate tile designs and vibrant colors, alongside detailed woodwork on the roof’s edge. These decorative elements were meticulously preserved during the restoration, maintaining the property’s historical charm.

Thoughtful Expansion and Design

Designed as a T4 typology single-family home, Costa Nova House extends along the plot, integrating the existing structure with a new expansion towards Avenida da Bela Vista. This addition includes circulation spaces and open areas such as a patio, vertical garden, swimming pool, and a southern boundary wall adorned with a ceramic panel by sculptor António Nobre, adding a vibrant visual appeal.

Integration with the Urban Fabric

Situated between two public streets, the design introduces new routes to connect the old and new volumes. This integration ensures functional complementarity within the home, a common approach in Costa Nova, where interior lots often feature small buildings that extend living spaces for seasonal rentals.

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Reflecting Local Architectural Typologies

The new volume facing Avenida da Bela Vista mirrors the neighboring building to the north, evoking Costa Nova’s traditional “barns” with its gable roof and wood-clad facades. This design choice seamlessly blends traditional elements with modern functionality.


In summary, Costa Nova House by Espaço Objecto exemplifies a respectful and innovative approach to architectural restoration and expansion. By preserving historical elements and incorporating modern features, the design achieves a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary living, making it a standout property in Costa Nova.

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Modern home exterior with pool at night.
Modern home exterior with pool at night.
Elegant minimalistic bedroom with adjoining bathroom area.
Elegant minimalistic bedroom with adjoining bathroom area.
Modern architectural house with pool and wooden slats.
Modern architectural house with pool and wooden slats.

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Illuminated rooftop pool with artistic mural at twilight.
Modern houses with pool and landscaped terrace.
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