House In Oxfordshire By Peter Feeny Architects

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Designed by Peter Feeny Architects and completed in 2012, this impressive home can be found in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. Build in the middle of nature, this is an environmentally friendly and self-sufficient house that boasts a MVHR system, a wood pellet boiler, PV panels and solar heating panels. Constructed at the outskirts of a village, the residence replaces an older one and flaunts a tight connection with its surrounding environment.

This connection is further enhanced by the oak cladding and the meadow garden found just nearby. The garden is a tranquil oasis and features a natural swimming pond that provides opportunities for relaxation and socialization for all family members.

Even though it was built relatively far away from the big city, this residence in Oxfordshire meets contemporary standards of comfort and stands ready to ensure irreproachable living conditions for its lucky owners.

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