Paddington Terrace House In Sydney, Australia


The lovely Paddington Terrace House represents the result of a masterful renovation project that was carried out by the experts of Luigi Rosselli Architects. The previous abode was a dark, damp and somewhat inhospitable place that needed an extensive makeover. Fortunately, it now looks like a perfect place to call home.

The house can be found in Sydney, Australia, and it includes all of the necessary amenities and facilities in order to sustain a carefree and comfortable lifestyle. The white interior walls give off an allure of elegance and purity which is further enhanced by the seamless flow of natural light that bathes the main living areas. As far as decorations go, a selection of beautiful paintings as well as various natural plants add a touch of warmth and naturalness. There is even a small swimming pool and a wooden deck in the back yard.

This is one dream home, no doubt about it.

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