Woonpioniers Creates an Extraordinary, Impressive as well as Space Efficient Wooden Dwelling in Geithem, Netherlands

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A talented design and innovative architect team, Woonpioniers, has created a stunning, bright and lovely wooden cabin in Geithem, Netherlands. This wooden dwelling is small and space efficient in a way that calms the mind and eliminates clutter. This wooden cabin is known as “Indigo Atelierwoning”. A modern style of the building is used in it.

This is, in fact, an effective “mass-customized” building that not only provides a healthy solution for a living but also caters to the individual lifestyle with its unique interior. While creating this beautiful wooden piece of art, Woonpioniers has greatly focused on the customization. Woonpioniers has also tried to create some flexibility in this unique framework by introducing some eye-catching designs that match with the way of living of every person.

The stunning and space efficient wooden cabin in Netherland Forest is designed by signing an agreement of partnership with Lia. It really creates a stunning, beautiful as well as an elegant style. Creating this bright and lovely wooden cabin between the trees was, in fact, Lia’s desire where she can enjoy the beauty, calmness and peaceful environment of the trees around her.

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On the ground floor, there is a large and bright space that adds beauty. Moreover, there are large windows where you can enjoy natural views as well as natural light. Above that, there is a relaxing and comfortable bedroom. What makes this Indigo home unique is its stunning design. There are curved connections between the wall and ceiling. These connections are resistant to weather-based elements. In this way, it makes the structure incredibly strong, safe as well as durable. This unique design really creates almost spiritual waking and winding down experience for the artist. All this add to the beauty, style as well as simplicity of the home.

This wooden cabin is, in fact, a perfect balance between “mass production” and eco-friendliness. It focusses a lot on the customization keeping in view the individual needs. You will be surprised to know that it can be installed in just one day. Yes, it is shockingly fast to build!

The stunning, bright and lovely wooden cabin of Netherlands has adopted a unique styled layout on the inside as it has not many walls on the outside. It is due to this design that the people can enjoy perfect and complete freedom of the interior.

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This is the feature and design that adds to the beauty of the home and makes it even more customizable. This home is designed in such a way that many things are just placed in the center such as storage in the stairs. This style of this lovely wooden cabin is just amazing.

It is a small cabin but has great space. In this way, the surroundings can be integrated into the interior in spite of the fact that this wooden cabin’s building is not like the one that physically mixes the interior as well as exterior styles.

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