5 Interior Design Features to Impress your Guests

Interior Design

Creating an interior design that defines and expresses who we are is a challenging task to undertake. We all want it to inject our tastes and personal style into the place we live. 

Taking it one step further, the interior design should also be impressive to guests upon entering your home. Who would not want their visitors wowed by their house? It is always pleasing to hear someone compliment your home décor.

Creating an interior that will impress your guests may seem a difficult task. As much as it is challenging to dazzle everyone, some decorations are sure to leave a lasting impression. These features could range from affordable to expensive pieces that fit any interior designing budget. 

Below, we discuss five incredible features that are sure to amaze your guests.

TV Mirrors

Flat-screen TVs have almost become a must in today’s homes. However, they are big, dominate a room and can steal a lot of focus. It can be difficult to balance them and fit them in well with contemporary settings.

The solution is TV mirrors. It is a decor design meant to restore harmony between entertainment and style by subtly hiding your television. The concept was a consequence of trying to solve this contemporary problem. 

When you switch off the television, the mirror TV appears to be like the other mirror decorating the room. When you turn it on, it produces quality images while giving the same audio quality as traditional flatscreens that allows you to enjoy your favourite show, movie, or sporting event. Just imagine the surprise and excitement on your guest’s face when a mirror transforms into a TV.

TV Mirrors

Indoor fans

Elevate the look of your home or business with stylish ceiling fans that come in a stunning variety of features, designs, colors and sizes.

Indoor fans

Fan price is always a point of concern to the consumers, especially when the weather is hot. These fans usually range in price from 2000 to 5000 INR (30-70 USD).

The sleek design of the fan is a perfect complement to any home or office decor. With a variety of fans, from remote-control to electric, choose the best fan according to your budget. Packed with innovative, energy-efficient, and affordable prices. Crompton fans can be a great addition to any household.

Bright Colours

Unlike neutral colours that give an airy feeling, bright colourful and dynamic interiors are a good way to make a statement to your visitors. Bright colours give boldness to a room. A colourful and bright tone radiants cheerfulness through any setting and in the process, creates a positive and lively vibe.

There are many ways in which you can use bright colours inside a house. The idea is to be playful with colour. You could go for bright multicoloured curtains or use bright printed furniture. Painting one wall in the house with a bright colour would create a feature wall and could also bring out a cheer to a room where neutral colour is dominant. Make sure to find balance in colour. Since colour is subjective to people, you can find inspiration from many places.

Bright Colours

Bring plants indoors

Plants and flowers have traditionally been used for exterior decoration. It is always soothing to look at and smell the fragrance that some of the plants and flowers give. One of the best ideas to decorate your inside with a limited budget is bringing plants and flowers indoors.

Avoid artificial plants and introduce real plants to the house to create a vibrant feeling of life. Spacing them out inside the house can bring a park-like effect to your house and create a flow. Put large ones along the corridor in colourful pots and containers to make them stand out. You could also place small plants on shelves and some flowers in a transparent vase and place them on tables. Bring the outside indoors in a way that gives your home the radiance of a garden.

Bring plants indoors

Lighting Fixtures

Your home especially, the kitchen area, living room, and dining area are spaces you spend time with family and friends. Brightening up these areas with some light will illuminate the area and give life to the surroundings. Use accent lights to add character to the room

There are various lighting fixtures from which you could choose for your house. You could hang ceramic lights over your dining table or hang interesting light pendants in the hallways and common areas. Another good decoration is chandeliers.

The trick is to go for extraordinary, unusual designs that are sure to thrill your visitors. Remember getting the lighting right enhances everything else in the room or house. Go for lighting that steals attention and can make your roof a centre of attraction.

Lighting Fixtures

Creative Art Work

When decorating your house should be a slow process. Feel the vibe of each piece you place in your home and weigh whether you need a fascinating piece of art to complement it. Pieces of art are sure to uplift the energy emitting from a room. Go for statement pieces that catch the eye of anyone immediately they step into a room.

It should be unique and outstanding. Remember that the piece is the focal point of the room and so it should be striking. For a contemporary look for your home, elegance, and a degree of sleekness is what you should keep in mind. Entertainment systems do not offer this though. You could go for a sculpture or an indoor planter that could add more depth to the house’s personality.

Decorating the indoors itself is an art. Accessorising the interior with vibrant features can improve a house in a way that brings fun, positive and attractive vibes. You can add some colourful mats and rugs to an open floor to make your floors attractive and make an illusion of space. 

Where To Find Interior Design Inspirations

Your home’s interior design reflects your personality. So, you want it to be unique as much as possible. But where can you draw your inspiration from if you don’t feel creative or confident enough to do it just by yourself? Well, the online world offers many helpful sources. 

If you need help, browse through real estate, home and lifestyle, and home improvement websites, such as The Property Daily to find the latest trends in home designs. You can also check out home magazines and visit your family or friend’s new house to find some insightful ideas on how you can redesign yours.

Once you’ve found enough interior design ideas, organize them into a collage or a folder, and pick out your favourites from each one. You can combine your favourite elements or pieces from each of your inspirations to create a full design for your space. 

Work around your available space and restrictions, and remember to consider styles or designs that are also functional, especially if you’ve got limited space. Of course, don’t forget to also consider your family’s needs, safety, and personal preferences, more so if you have kids, elderly family members, and pets around.

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