10 Most Frequent Interior Design Mistakes

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You don’t have to be an expert in order to create the house of your dreams, but you’ll definitely feel like a professional if you’ll manage to avoid the following ten mistakes that are frequently made by all of us. Learning from your own mistakes is the key to obtaining an extraordinary interior design.

Mistake no. 10: Not using the mirrors

Mirrors are often undervaluated. When using mirrors the room seems much more spacious. In the absence of mirrors or widows you will feel like locked in a box, so do not hesitate to hang one or two decorative mirrors on the walls of your house. Be creative! You can find many mirrors in different shapes and sizes if you decide to go shopping. Not only the room will appear larger, but you will get an extra shine because of the reflection of the light.

Mistake no. 9: Hanging your picture too high on the wall

The place where you will place your collection of photos or artwork is entirely your choice. Everyone is free to make a choice. However, if you will place them too low, then your visitors will leave the house with a back pain, and if you will hang them too high, they will not even bother to admire them. The way you arrange your photos or paintings is influencing the way your walls will be perceived. Thus, depending on the location, they will appear taller or smaller. You must avoid the sensation of a ceiling that’s ready to fall onto your head!

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Mistake no. 8: Not giving the necessary time to the design process

You mustn’t perceive the design process as a race! A creative and efficient process needs a lot of planning and organization. If you will rush things up and you will jump over some steps, you will probably end up by making bad choices. So be careful!

Mistake no. 7: Not involving the nature

One of the greatest ways to enhance a room is to add a few plants here and there. Adding ornamental plants can add a sense of naturalness to the room and, in addition, the air will be fresher, more refreshing and even full of aromas. When you want to decorate a room you never have to forget to take into account all your five senses when making a decision.

Mistake no.6: Not giving attention to the acoustics

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Arranging a room by taking into account the acoustics can be one of the most difficult aspects of the interior design. It’s a fundamental decision for an entertainment room. Nothing is more important than the sound when you’re watching a movie! Do not use many hard surfaces in such rooms that will deform the sounds when are propagated. Capture them with soft carpets and sofas. A hardwood floor can look great but in order to reduce the noise you might consider covering it with some carpets. You’ll be surprised how important the acoustics is!

Mistake no. 5: Shopping for furniture without measuring the room first

The oversized furniture suffocates the rooms. It will make any room appear small and cramped, if it’s not correctly used. There is nothing wrong with the oversized furniture when you have a large home. If you will use smaller furniture you will open the room and you’ll feel freer. Make sure that what you buy enters your door!

Mistake no. 4: To overcrowd the room with furniture

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They say that your bedroom should reflect your mood. An overcrowded room with coffee tables, sofas, foot stools, and baskets of paper or anything else can affect you mentally. You must have enough free space in order to be able to breathe! Beware of the tendency of filling any corner left empty! It will be much easier to relax and start all over again.

Mistake no. 3: Combining Colors


The chromatics of a room is not determined only by the color of the walls. The nuances of the furniture play an equally important role. You must be careful not to surfeit a room when you’re using only reddish nuances. Most furniture stores have samples of assorted colors that will help you choose the best colors for your home.

Mistake no. 2: Improper lighting

Any object can look good in the dark, but what happens when you turn on the light? When you plan on designing your home, you must not forget one of the most important aspects. Lighting can highlight or destroy any idea. Light is the element that provides emotion to a room. You don’t want the room to be too bright but you also want to have enough light in order to avoid depression. There’s a great variety of lighting systems to choose from, so you should not be afraid to seek solutions.

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Mistake no. 1: Buying paint before the furniture and upholstery

The color will always be one of the most important decisions to be taken during the design process. Do not rush! Painting the walls is not only the longest stage, but is the one with a permanent effect. A table or a couch can be easily moved, but the paint is another story. You must be sure that the furniture and the accessories are the right ones for your room and only after that you can take pieces from the texture you chose for the upholstery to see if it matches with the paint you want. It will be much easier to match the paint with the furniture that vice versa

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