Five innovative features of Otura drawers design

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Drawers are typically made for storage, but imagine having a modular system of drawers that delivers extra amenities! Otura drawers are a series of wooden boxes created by a Turkish designer, Rianne Koens. They come as either sliding or open-fronted box-shaped compartments, with or without legs underneath. They are used separately or assembled in diverse ways to make great versatile furniture.

Below, you will see five benefits from such a minimalist design.

The boxes are transportable

Each element is bought as a single piece. They are all lightweight, which make them easily moved or transported into different rooms. You can add angled legs underneath the boxes to make them stand out in the room. Besides, the space underneath will be easier to clean.

Otura drawers

The Otura drawers take up very little space

The boxes can be positioned as desired. There are twelve entities in total. If you have bought many and are only using them when needed, then they can be kept out of sight in a small area. The only way to do this when you don’t have enough footage squares is by stacking one box on top of another in a vertical column.

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Otura drawers

The boxes are stackable

As mentioned above, the boxes are stackable. Buy as many elements as you want and combine them in a way you find suitable for your space and needs. Stacking the boxes on top of one another either vertically or horizontally will form high and low cupboards. Those cabinets are used for displaying and storing items. If you have more floor space, simply extend the boxes over a larger area.

The Otura drawers are used separately

Single pieces function as tables and stools. You can place the separate drawers next to a couch or to a bed to ensure that essential items are easily attained. They also make practical seats for kids or guests.

The boxes come in various shapes and colors

Otura drawers

The boxes are available in two shapes:  rectangular or square compartments. You can either assemble boxes that are similar in size and shape or create a stackable model of different proportions.

The boxes are available in different styles

The boxes are made from wood and leather. They are available in different colors to match different styles and preferences.

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Otura drawers

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