How Do I Choose the Best Flooring?

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Whether choosing flooring for your home or business, you want to find the right balance between quality, design, and feel. If you want to make people feel warm and cozy when they walk into your home, or bright and energized, then there is likely a type of flooring that will do that. These helpful tips to choosing the best flooring will guide you to making one of the most important interior design decisions you can make for your property.


Follow Your Preferences

One easy place to start thinking about the right kind of flooring is to be honest with yourself about what you like and what you think you want. How do you want to feel when you walk inside of your own home? A great exercise is to look through interior design magazines and websites to create a collage or “vision board” of what flooring you’re considering for your space. Look at different samples of wood and if you find one that feels right and you can imagine would go well in the space you’re laying new flooring in, then ask for an estimate with that particular wood.

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Consider How It Will Be Used

The type of building and room the floor will be installed in can help you narrow down the right kind of flooring. You want to think about how much foot traffic will be in that area and choose one of suitable durability if there is a lot of walking and standing on it. A lot of people decide not to use carpeting in their own homes if they have children or pets because it is much harder to clean than other types of flooring. Hardwood floors are durable enough to hold up against marks, stains and scratches from pets’ paws and feet, shoes, food, paint, and toys. You can also choose a durable tile that will also hold up against scratches and is also very easy to clean. 



The materials used and the square footage of space are the two principal factors in determining the cost of flooring, which will then determine labor costs, as some large-scale jobs may require multiple workers. Fortunately, there are various types of wood to choose from so you can still have a look you love at an affordable cost to you. 

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Proximity to Moisture

There is a reason wood is generally not used in bathrooms. While some types of wood are more water-resistant than others, all are affected by moisture. If you’re installing flooring in a basement, for example, then consult a flooring expert to learn about different options to keep your floor safe. Generally, wooden flooring in basements is discouraged because they mold easily after floods, but there are plenty of other good options.


Who Will Do The Installation?

If you’re into do-it-yourself home improvement projects then you might be able to install your floor and save a lot of money on labor, which will allow you to buy a higher-quality hardwood or flooring. However, most people ought not to attempt any installations on their own because they risk pockets of air and bumps or irregularities in their floor. Instead, call a hardwood flooring expert with years of experience who can also provide you with samples of designs so you can see what your room will look like after a professional installation.

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