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We interact with many things every day – everything from a coffee cup to your computer. And all of these have a specific design to serve a particular task.

The coffee mug is designed to keep beverages hot and make them easy to drink from. Your laptop is designed to be user-friendly and easy to bring everywhere, with sleek and foldable hardware. No matter the product, good design isn´t random. 

Why is Good Design Important?

What is good design? This question has many answers, but one way to determine if something has good design is by how easy it is to use.

Example: snus box

Take a snus box, for instance: This box is made to contain small tobacco bags, both new and used. The design of these boxes is round with a diameter of 4 to 5 centimetres and a height of 2 to 3 centimetres. The lid is easy to open and close, and at the same time, it is dense to make sure the taste is well preserved.

If the box were bigger, shaped like a rectangular, or had a lid that was difficult to open, it would be a terrible design. Because of the big and rectangular shape, the box wouldn´t be easy to use, either opening the lid to grab a new snus or putting the box in your pocket. 

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Example: website

Another example is when visiting a website. If you immediately understand what to do on the site, the site has a good design. If it is hard to navigate and perform the actions you want on a website, the design is poor. 

If you don´t understand how to find the products you are looking for, or it is difficult to checkout, you may leave the site because of poor design. 

How to Make a Good Design?

There is no right answer for how to make a good design, but there are some things you should have in mind when designing something: 

What is the Purpose?

If you´re creating a coffee cup, the purpose is to contain hot beverages, drink, and hold the cup without getting burned. If you´re a dentist and are creating a new website, the purpose is to make it easy for people to book an appointment and find information about the different treatments and prices. You have to make sure that your product or service fulfils the purpose. 

Who is the Target Group?

You should always consider the target audience when creating something. Some things are created for most people, but many things are designed for a specific group. Of course, a bicycle for kids is designed for kids and is smaller than a grown-up bicycle. You can´t give a baby a regular cup to drink from; they need a baby bottle, so they don’t spill. 

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Make it Easy to Use

Make sure to make the design easy to use and understandable. Make sure the intended target group find the product user-friendly. For example, if you´re creating a new website, and there is no sign of what a user should do when they arrive on the site, the visitors’ chance to complete the desired actions is slim. 

So Why is Design Important? 

To conclude, design is important because everything is based on it. Everything we do is affected by the design of things, even if you´re just taking a sip of your coffee cup, taking a new snus from your snus box, or visiting a website. If the design is poor, the experience is ruined.  

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