Staircase in Luxury Homes can be an abode of Creativity


A staircase is one of the most fluid elements in interior design. The functionality of the steps is unquestionable but what makes them even more versatile is the endless design possibilities. From ladders to curved stairs, every design is unique and can be interpreted in many ways.

A lot of us struggle with the utilisation of space under the stairs and end up using it as a dump yard. But there a million things you can do with a staircase like a divided space, make room for pets, add extra storage and so much more.  If you think you are not making the most potential of the space, refer to these cool stairs’ ideas below. We promise that it will tickle your brain in the right place.

Around Staircase and Designs


Making extra seats on the staircase can provide space for informal meetings or lounge area. This can be a fun element to introduce in offices and co-working spaces.

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These uniquely designed stairs can be used as an aesthetic study area with a ton of storage space.


Cover the stairs on the upper floor with cool planks that can be used as extra seating.


These designs for steps with extended handrail is an excellent way to partition any room.


Another creative way to use the staircase is by turning it into a coffee bar!


Play with negative spaces in the staircase design to get a chic looking architectural element.

This open staircase looks so aesthetic and brownie points for extra storage space.


Most covered staircase design ends up looking like a drab. But this smart play of material makes it look modern and neat.

This design solution is perfect for retail outlets. Especially when the rent is sky high, utilising every inch becomes non-negotiable.

Try out these smart storage ideas for the staircase design and have fun with extra space.

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