What Type of Enclosure is Right for Your Business Needs?

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General purpose enclosures with industrial applications are predominantly used for general electrical applications and can include plastic boxes of a number of different types as well as 316 stainless steel, carbon steel and zinc-coated steel enclosures. 

General purpose enclosures are able to be mounted on walls and come with accessories such as mounting feet, lock options and rain hoods that are made out of metal. Smaller enclosures are sometimes referred to simply as junction boxes.

The primary reason for the existence of general purpose enclosures is to house and ensure the protection of a wide variety of equipment, primarily electronics. 

For example, a business that is confined to an office with limited space and/or no outside access may require an enclosure that is wall mounted so as to make the most of that space.

The Connector TE – 316SS

The Connector TE – 316SS is an IP66 enclosure with a screwed lid that is manufactured from stainless steel. This enclosure is particularly suited for a number of applications that may require smaller enclosures, such as the offices of small companies. 

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Standard applications include the likes of switchgear, pushbuttons and housing terminations. The Connector TE comes with fully welded construction and captive stainless steel combination head screws designed to prevent loss during the fastening process.

It features provision for a mounting pan or a DIN rail to increase the overall flexibility of the application as well as a flat face gutter making it easy to install.

The Optical Fibre Re-Enterable Enclosure

This is a ready access joint enclosure that is well suited to house optical fibre splice trays that have a jointing capacity of up to as many as 96 fibres. 

This enclosure offers superb environmental protection in regards to the housing of telephone equipment, crucial to the operation of any business, in addition to optical fibre and copper jointing connections. 

The knock-out located in the moulded base allows for easy access, and there are heat shrink sleeves used to seal onto both the cable jacket and the part itself. 

Underground Splice Enclosures

These are generally used in the extension or repair of buried services that already exist. 

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iLINQ bayable enclosure systems

These are able to be configured to fit a wide array of applications. They come with a one of a kind symmetrical rail profile that is enabled for the use of interchangeable components on the back, front, bottom or top. 

A large number of experts in the industry were consulted during the design process to make sure that the iLINQ matches industry applications and specifications. The enclosure system’s symmetrical design means that the same part can be used in different locations.

So there you have it – choosing the right kind of enclosure for your business needs is crucial to ensuring the safety, security and durability of all of your necessary electrical systems.

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