How Coronavirus has Affected Tourism

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Over the months, the COVID-19 pandemic has gradually eaten into the walls of different sectors sustaining the world. Starting from the Public Health to Education, Entertainment, Economy, Aviation, Imports, and Exports, there is no gainsaying that the pandemic has spread its wings into the Tourism industry as well. Travels and Tourism have taken a turn for the worse since the epidemic started.

The effects of the virus keep spreading as much as the virus does itself. The cause of this spread is not far-fetched as inter-country travels are restricted. This restriction has, in turn, led to a massive slump in demand for tourist attractions amongst travellers. Consequently, many tourist attractions like grand cinemas, sports venues, hotels and accommodation establishments, casinos, parks, amongst others, are closed.

Studies over time prove that the closure and setbacks experienced by the world of tourism have taken a significant toll on the economic strength of the globe. The nations of the world, especially those who pride in tourism, are not only wallowing in pity but also recording losses daily since the pandemic began. Therefore, it is safe to refer to tourism as the “vulnerable industry.”

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Although it is quite difficult for one to account for the substantial successful losses caused by the pandemic, it is visible to the blind and audible to the deaf that the tourist industry, especially the housing and hospitality sector. And if the ever-blooming aviation sector is this hit, what about Airbnb? The company, as well as its competitors who depend on sales for survival, face record losses daily as there are no travellers to rent rooms or houses. Most people prefer to stay safe at home than enjoy leisure resulting in enduring the virus and its effects.

Another impact the pandemic dropped on the tourist industry is the problem of unemployment. Since business is not blooming during this period, most people whose only or significant source of income is from tourism are currently between jobs. The reason for this is due to the vast increase in losses and financial burdens. Some of these tourist establishments now find it challenging to keep many people on the payroll; hence, they lay off.

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There is also the massive depreciation of Arts and Cultural Heritage Value. During this period, people’s focus is on getting better or trying to survive these trying moments. Most people already lost sight of arts and cultural appreciation. The only beauty the world sees now Is in the expectation of the end of the virus. Therefore, one could say for now that tourism is gradually losing its charm and aesthetics.

Revenue Loss is another major blow that the tourism industry is currently enduring. No one can arrive at an accurate conclusion based on the calculation of the revenue losses the global tourism industry has sustained. The reason being that the storm is not entirely over. However, the fact that revenue has dropped immensely is vivid. The decrease in tourist arrivals led to the loss of close to 80-90% of the income allocated during the start of the year. For instance, countries like Australia have suffered 75%loss; Bosnia fell out by 79%, Cyprus by 67.4%. Asian countries, however, have taken the most significant blow. Therefore, it is okay to say that at this point, a miracle is all that is needed – a miracle that will pull the tourism industry up from the great fall caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Update as of July 8th: The US recorded 60,021 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday, according to a Johns Hopkins University database. That count represents the first time the country has breached 60,000 infections in a single day. Arizona, California, Florida and Texas have accounted for nearly half of all new cases in the U.S. in recent days.

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