Stunning Furniture Designs for Residential Interior Decor

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Urvi Chheda
Urvi Chheda
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Furniture designs have the power to change the dynamics of interior design completely. In residential spaces, pieces of furniture are even more essential due to their utilitarian purposes. Modern furniture design is all about experimenting with materials and texture play. But along with the design, what matters, even more, is the arrangement of furniture that can be easily adapted with the right furniture casters.

Furniture layout can be tricky, but if done creatively it can make the setting look daunting. There are a lot of factors that come into the picture if you want to highlight the furniture. These projects will highlight some amazing furniture pieces and the tricks of arranging them correctly.

Stunning Furniture Designs

Furniture Designs

This low height console table is one of its kind and can grab attention instantly.

To put a focus on armchairs, mute the rest of the surrounding.

This uniquely designed lounge chair is ideally placed enjoy the view.

Furniture Designs

Minimal short height furniture design is in trend this year. Try creating a nook for yourself by placing this stunning piece together.

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These chairs are nothing close to your stereotypical living room sofa. But their flowy form and interesting use of materials make them look gorgeous.

Furniture Designs

Who thought, less upholstered furniture could look so darn beautiful.

Furniture Designs

Furniture doesn’t have to contrast every time, following a simple theme can make an impact too.

Another great living room setup with lovely low-height furniture.

This eccentric chair is so minimal but still adds a charm to the room.

Furniture Designs

Who isn’t a big fan of swings? And this beautiful swing design makes it even more irresistible.

The rocking chair is a blessing for the humankind by furniture designers.

Furniture Designs

This foldable furniture looks super chic in contrast to the sofa.

A lounge chair is the king of furniture design and with this minimal setup, it becomes a cynosure for the eyes.

Furniture Designs

This stylish play of materials makes the rocking chair look quirky and chirpy.

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