Indoor Plants: Why Hiring Plants Is Smarter Than Buying

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Heather Jones
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It has been scientifically proven and it is widely accepted by the large majority of offices that fresh plants in the workspace can do wonders for a business. Over the years we have seen research which has not only proven the productivity benefits of having plants in the office, but also the health benefits and the behavioral benefits which installing plants can have. As a result of this we are seeing not only a number of companies who are looking to specifically sell plants to businesses, but also companies who will hire out fresh plants to offices such as Advance Plant Services Brisbane, who are specialists in the plant rental market. We caught up with some of their team to find out exactly why hiring office plants makes more sense. 

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Despite the benefits of having indoor plants such as less sick days and increased productivity, splashing out for plants is a frustration for many business owners and given that they cannot see dollars came back directly as a result, they can often stick in the mud over the purchase of plants. With a hire service however business owners can count on the results without having to buy and maintain plants, which costs significantly less money. 

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Changing it Up

Plants look great in the workspace but after a while they can become a bit boring and much of the benefits which they offer won’t be as relevant. Alternatively you may simply wish to switch it up to give the office a different look, something which will be very pricy if you have bought your plants. If however you are using a hire service then you can have it all changed in no time at all, and all it will take is a phone call. 

Maintenance Available

If you don’t wish to invest the time in maintaining the plants then that is no problem at all, hire companies will very often offer maintenance service which means that the plants will always be looking their best. Looking after plants is about much more than just watering them, they also need feed and some will need to be clipped in order to keep them looking great and staying healthy. 


It is fair to say that most office workers aren’t experts when it comes to plant care and that is why many plants which are bought will die. Should you hire the plants however then you can count on a team of people looking after the plants to make sure that this doesn’t happen, and should the plant become diseased or indeed die because of another reason, there will be no extra costs and no having to get rid of the plant, as the hire company will deal with the disposal of the old plant and the installation of a new one. 

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Ultimately this is the sensible option for any business owner who wishes to breath life into the workspace with natural plants, without the headaches or cost. 

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