Lawn Care Tips, The Basics For Each Season 

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The key to a gorgeous lawn is ensuring that you maintain it regularly and constantly give it the attention and the care which it needs. I always wanted a lawn like so many of my neighbors and after chatting with some of the guys at Sydney turf supplies, I learned that each season requires slightly different care for the lawn, in order for the turf to flourish and look healthy. With this in mind I wanted to share with you today some of the tips which I have discovered that can really help the lawn to look its best. 

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Early Spring

In early spring it is time to get geared up for the coming months so be sure to get the prep work underway. Sharpen the mower blades, give the mower a good tune up, buy some gas for the mower and then give your lawn a good clean up, ensuring that you get rid of any trash or debris which has accumulated over the previous months. 


Once spring hits you need to look at fertilizing the lawn, aiming to give it a good dose just as the grass begins its growth. The two best seasons to fertilize the lawn is fall and spring, so alway bear that in mind. Before fertilizing it is time to aerate the lawn, punching small holes in the lawn so that theater and fertilizer can get to where it needs to. Pick a day when the lawn is damp, not wet, before you decide to aerate the lawn. Finally some herbicides will be a good idea to put on the lawn, his will help to reduce the risk of weeds like crabgrass. 

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Early Summer

Once you reach early summer you may start to see some unsightly insects on the lawn, lay down a dose of insecticide to ensure that grubs don’t do damage to the turf. Now is also when you should look at making your first cut of the year, and what you will be aiming for here is taking the top third of the grass off, and leaving the cuttings. The cuttings decompose quickly and add nitrogen to the grass which helps reduce weeds growing.


During the summer months you should be soaking the lawn every 3-4 days, don’t bother with a daily sprinkler as a soaking is far better. Cut the lawn with the blade on a setting of 3 inches and give it a cut on a weekly basis. Use a garden fork to pick out any weeds which have survived the herbicide dose. 


Finally once it gets to fall, it is time to clean up the garden in preparation for the following year. Remove dead grass, break up the soil, add some compost to the soil and throw down some grass seed too. Water the area and then leave it be until springtime rolls around again. 

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These are the basic tips to bear in mind when you are looking after the grass throughout the seasons. 

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